At Sunstone Medical, we look forward to serving you and the Delta community – come by our clinic or book an appointment online today! Our medical staff works hard to provide top tier medical care for you and your family!

In addition to the Hippocratic Oath, our philosophy is to maintain a high level of patient care for each of our valued patients.

Family Practice


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Covid-19 Safe



At Sunstone Medical, we are committed to providing top quality medical services to our community!

Family Practice

  • Booked appointments
  • Chronic and Complex Care
  • WCB (work related injuries) and ICBC (Motor vehicle Accidents) Claims
  • Medication Therapy and Refills
  • Diagnostic investigation (Lab, Ultrasound, CT, MRI, EMG, Stress, etc.)
  • Specialist referrals
  • Minor treatments (Wart, Ear Syringing, Removal of Foreign Body)
  • Minor surgeries (Nail Wedge Resection, Mole Excision, Biopsy)
  • Wound Care (Cleaning, Dressing, Removal of Sutures Changes)
  • Injury Care (RICE, Tensoring, Splinting, Sling)
  • Screening exams (Pap Smear, Breast, Prostate)
  • Physical Exams (Infant, Child, Adult)
  • Adult Immunization (Tetanus/Diphtheria, Pneumonia, Flu, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis A&B)
  • Private forms (Insurance, Driver's Medical, Pre-Employment, Sport's Medicals, Camp Medicals)
  • Baby-well checkups and vaccination
  • Travel Vaccinations
  • Women’s health check-ups and pap smears

Walk in Clinic

The following services are available for our Walk-in patients by the Walk-in physician at the physician’s discretion. This facility is to be used for Acute Care, meaning you have a medical concern that needs attention in a timely manner and are unable to see your Family Physician for help.

  • First come first serve basis (Emergencies will be triaged and put in Urgently)
  • WCB (Work related Injury) and ICBC (Motor Vehicle Accident) Claims
  • Medication Therapy and Refills (Medication Refills will not be done over the phone)
  • Diagnostic Investigation (for Urgent Medical concerns only)
  • Referrals (for Urgent Medical concerns only)
  • Minor Treatment (Wart, Ear Syrings, Removal of Foreign Body)
  • Minor Surgeries (for Urgent Medical concerns only)
  • Wound Care (Cleaning, Packing, Dressing Changes, Removal of Sutures)
  • Injury Care (RICE, Tensoring, Splinting, Sling)
  • Adult Immunization (Tetanus/Diphtheria, Pneumonia, Flu, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis A&B)
- We Do Not provide Test Results over the phone
- We Do Not provide Narcotic or Opioid prescriptions during Walk-In
- We Do Not complete Private Forms (Drivers Medical exams, Pre-op physicals form) during Walk-In

Our Team

Dr. Bahareh Moshtagh

Dr. Bahareh Moshtagh

Naturopathic Doctor


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Please note, the Walk-In hours are subject to change. There are Provincial Restrictions on the number of patients a Physician can see in one day. The Walk-In may close early if the physician has reached this limit. Please call ahead to confirm the Walk-In hours.